The Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation

The Beijing Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation (“the Foundation”) was set up by Sino-Ocean Group Co. Ltd. in August 2008. Undertaking the Company’s corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) and believing in “turning love to action”, the Foundation advocates public services in education and environmental protection. This function is well-supported by staff members as it enhances their own personal values.

After it was set up the Foundation first participated in the rebuilding work following the “5.12” Wenchuan earthquake. Completed and current projects include the Sustainable Online Educational Charity Platform, the Students-in-action Incentive Scheme, The Best Teacher Awards, the“Red Vests”and some other special actions and the environmentally focused “Old Community, New Green” program and their sub-projects.

Since the Foundation was set up, tens of thousands of volunteers from schools and enterprises have participated in the numerous activities organized by the Foundation, benefitting thousands of teachers and students in Beijing, Hebei, Sichuan, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Yunnan.

The Foundation hopes to strengthen employees’ social values through various charity events, and the Foundation Voluntary Group formed by employees ensures that the many items of public service will be carried out without interruption. The Foundation will continue with its original mission of devoting to public services by engaging the Company, staff, volunteers and people who care in real actions to serve the public.

Mission:To support public services, undertake corporate social responsibility, enhance one’s personal values.

Philosophy: To Realize Your Love.

Implementation:Sponsoring education;Sponsoring youth activities;Sponsoring environmental activities;Other public services approved by the Foundation.

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Sustainable Online Educational Charity Platform

The Sino-Ocean Sustainable Online Educational Charity Platform supports the Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation’s (“the Foundation”) education facilitation program. The Foundation uses the Internet as a platform, linking schools and students in deprived areas and social support forces, to facilitate the education of underprivileged children. Through the widespread reach of the Internet we hope to raise awareness of the students’ plight and garner long-term assistance from staff, business partners and members of the Sino-Ocean Family for the students.

You can help in the following ways:

1.Improve their lives: Give material support to schools and students in deprived areas, improve their material well-being and living standard to foster better health as they grow up.

2.Facilitate learning: Help improve the teaching environment of the schools in poor conditions; help students in poverty to continue their education.

3.Give moral support: Care for students in need and give them moral support. Help them face adversity with a positive attitude and soothe their wound.

Visit the Sino-Ocean Sustainable Online Educational Charity Platform.

Charity History

Charity Events

  • January

    Jan 20 – The Sino-Ocean Students-in-action Incentive Scheme was awarded the “2010 China Poverty Relief Innovative Award”.
    Jan 20 – Water tanks for two schools in Yunnan were completed.
    Jan 25 – Sino-Ocean Land was awarded the “2010 Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award”.
  • February

    1. Feb 22 – Launched the “Green Workplace” initiative “use stairs rather than elevators”.
    2. Feb 25 – The Foundation’s volunteers’ convention was held at the UCCA of 798.
  • March

    Mar 22 – Launched the “Green Workplace” initiative “save an hour’s energy for the Earth”.
    Mar 24 – The panel of judges for the Fifth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition selected the first, second and third-class awards plus the Foundation’s Grand Award.
  • April

    Apr 24 – The launching of the First Sino-Ocean Community Protection Award and the 2011 Old Community, New Green and award presentation of the Fifth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition were held at the Sino-Japanese Friendship Environmental Protection Center.
    Apr – The Foundation won a medal and certificate for its contribution to rubbish disposal management.
    Apr 22 – The “Green Workplace” initiative’s theme in April was to “walk while spring flowers bloom”.
    Apr 26 – The Foundation supplied 600 sinensis saplings for the “Sustainable Educational Charity Efforts” at the Shihe Primary School in Huailai.
  • May

    May 3-4 – Technical training for the Second “Home-Grown Plants Competition” was held in the districts of Dongcheng, Chaoyang and Haidian.
    May 16-18 – “Old Community New Green” shared its performance and experience in protecting the environment at a forum for garbage classification and disposal.
    May 22 – The “Green Workplace” initiative encouraged going car-pool to cut down vehicle emission.
    May 31 – Training for phase two of the “Home-Grown Plants Competition” commenced in the districts of Fengtai and Lugouqiaoxiang.
    Week of May 1 – Working with gongyi.sina.com.cn and tuan.sina.com.cn the Foundation dispatched Sino-Ocean Lunchfest to more than 200 students in Pingba Town of Wenshanxian in Yunnan.
  • June

    June 15 – Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Limited was awarded the “Golden Bee Award”.
    June 22 – The “Green Workplace” initiative’s theme in June was to go car-pool when commuting to and from work.
    June 1 – Students from the Shihe Primary School in Huailai, Hebei and the Beijing Jingshan School Sino-Ocean Branch spent a happy June 1 day in Jingshan.
    June 4 – More than 10 superbly experienced teachers from the Haidian Association of Old Educators visited Tumu County in Huailai, Hebei and conducted a preliminary study of the overall situation of primary schools in the town.
  • July

    1. July 22 – The“Green Workplace” initiative “save an hour’s energy for Planet Earth” commenced.
    2. July 1-3 – Teachers from the Haidian Association of Old Educators conducted a two-day training course for teachers at the Shihe Primary School and other village schools in the periphery in Tumu County of Huailai, Hebei.
    3. July 9 – Over 40 volunteers from the Foundation planted trees for the Bethel Training Center for the Blind at Fangshandoudian.
    4. July 9-14 – Four volunteers from the Foundation delivered solar energy equipment and other materials donated by the Foundation to Yushu, Qinghai, helping to provide electricity to teachers and students at the Nangqian County, Jinisaixiang Second Primary School.
    5. July 22-29 – The Foundation’s volunteers visited Wenshan County in Yunnan and gave support teaching at the Shidongmen Primary School for eight days.
  • August

    Aug 13 – “Old Community, New Green” attended an event in Chaoyang promoting food safety and made use of the occasion to promote the family-based planting contest.
    Aug and Sep – In these two months’ “Green Workplace” initiative staff could give away children’s books in exchange for green plants.
    Aug 15-18 – Experienced teachers from the Chuncheng Primary School in Kunming conducted a 4-day training session for 132 teachers from 15 Pingju schools.
    Aug 24 – World-renowned architect David Leventhal donated his lecture fee of RMB10,000 from the “Face to Face with Masters” series to the Foundation’s Sustainable Online Educational Charity Platform, becoming the first donor to the platform.
  • September

    Sep – The Sixth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition was launched.
    Sep 6 – Technical training on “zero discard” turning kitchen waste into compost was held in the Shaojiu community.
    Sep 22 – The fourth event of 2011 “Face to Face with Masters” was held at the “Zero Movement quadrangle”.
    Sep 23 – Growing vegetables on the verandah at home, the 2011 “Home-Grown Plants Competition” compared results at the Community Center in Chaoyang.
    Sep 26-29 – Expert panelists of the Sino-Ocean Environmental Protection Award Organizing Committee visited communities shortlisted in Shenyang, Liaoning and Changchun, Jilin to study the location for community improvement.
    The fourth event of 2011 “Face to Face with Masters” was held on Sep 22. Michael Gentz, partner of Foster & Partners delivered a remarkable speech on hi-tech energy-saving architecture.
    The Foundation’s Sustainable Online Educational Charity Platform was on-line officially on Sep 30, signifying a new stage in Sino-Ocean’s quest to facilitate education to the needy.
  • October

    Oct 19 – The Sixth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition Tianjin Region was announced at the Nankai University.
    Oct 20 – Professor Liu Jianan from the Taiwan Jinan University visited Sino-Ocean’s environmental improvement demonstration project in the Dongcheng District of Beijing.
    Oct – “Old Community, New Green” was invited to be keynote speaker at the Fourth Forum on Education for Sustainable Development in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau held in Macau.
    Oct 22 – The “Green Workplace” initiative “go car-pool” was successfully rolled out.
    Oct 11 – The Foundation and person-in-charge of the Yanqingxian Youth League Committee visited the Jingzhuan Primary School and Zhenzhuquanxiang Primary School to evaluate their facilities and teaching capabilities. They also visited the homes of three impoverished students.
  • November

    Nov 5 – “Old Community, New Green” and experts from the China Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences organized activities promoting “zero discard” in the Shaojiu community.
    Nov 22 – This month’s “Green Workplace” initiative “Red Vests . Warming Care to the West” commenced.
    Nov 8 – The Third Sino-Ocean Students-in-action Incentive Scheme was judged. Seven environmental specialists and educators evaluated 335 entries from 20 senior high schools and decided on the various awards.
    Nov 15 –“The Red Vests. Warming Care to the West” initiated by the Foundation, Journey of Hope and gongyi.sohu.com was officially launched.
    From becoming on-line in September to end of November 2011 the Foundation’s Sustainable Online Educational Charity Platform had over 100,000 visits.
    2Nov 25 – The 3,000 warm garments collected by “The Red Vests. Warming Care to the West” for children in Qinghe, Xinjiang were delivered.
    Nov 27 – The Foundation’s Third Sino-Ocean Students-in-action Incentive Scheme award presentation and the Second Varsity Forum on Educational Charity were held at the Tsinghua University.
    2Nov 30 – The Foundation’s volunteers delivered the first batch of 300 down jackets donated by warm-hearted Beijing residents to children in Qinghe of Xinjiang.
  • December

    Dec 5 –“The Red Vests. Warming Care to the West” Warm garments collected for 2,000 children in Nangqianxian in Yushu, Qinghai were dispatched.
    Dec 10 –“The Red Vests . Warming Care to the West” delivered the 3,000 warm garments, scarves and learning materials donated by residents in Beijing to Qinghe in Xinjiang and distributed them to the local children.
    Dec 12-14 – The First Sino-Ocean Environmental Protection Award presentation was held in Shanghai.
    Dec 22 – The “Green Workplace” initiative “Green Habits Survey” commenced.
    Dec 31 – A ceremony commending the “2011 Warm the West” campaign volunteers was held at the Lecture Hall of Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Being the principal organizer and an initiator the Foundation attended the ceremony.
  • January

    The first batch of sponsorship fund for the 29 schools in Sichuan supported by the Foundation was delivered, benefitting 457 students.
  • February

    Donated RMB50,000 to the Red Cross at Zhongshan Eastern District.
    February 28 – Donated RMB50,000 to the Zhongshan 2010 Charity Walk fund-raising event.
  • March

    March 12 – Awarded the “2010 China Real Estate Low Carbon Model Enterprise”.
    March 13 – Commencement ceremony of the first phase of the “Green Ambassador” training course organized by “Old Community New Green” was held.
    March 20 – Organized the second tree planting festival at the Ocean Worldview (Dalian).
    March 27 – Sino-Ocean Land and the Foundation signed the pledge to participate in “Earth Hour”.
    March 30 – Donated RMB100,000 to purchase drinking water for residents in the five drought-stricken provinces in the South-western Region.
    End of March – “Old Community New Green” family-based planting contest was launched.
    End of March – Construction of the Agricultural Garden at Shihe Primary School commenced.
  • April

    April 19 – The Foundation donated RMB1 million to Yushu in Qinghai through the China Youth Development Foundation.
    April 25 – Held the ground-breaking ceremony of the Beijing 11th Experimental School, a facility at Ocean Worldview (Dalian).
  • May

    May 5 – The first quake-resistant school donated by the Foundation was completed in Yushu, Qinghai. The vocational school’s 40 teachers and more than 900 students have resumed classes at this School of Hope.
    May 9 – “Old Community New Green” launching ceremony and the Fourth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition award presentation was held in Beijing.
    May 9 – Donated RMB10,000 to the Bethel Training Center for the Blind.
    May 17 – The Eighth Dalian International Walking Event was unveiled at the Xinghai Square. The “Ocean Worldview Cup” golf tournament was held in Dalian.
    May 18 – Ocean Office Park (Beijing) organized “I Contribute to the Environment”.
    May 27 – Donated LCD TV sets worth RMB1.3 million to low-income families in the Mentougou District in Beijing.
    May 30 – Ocean Mansion (Hangzhou) organized the “Summer Breeze” activities for children.
    Donated RMB200,000 to the Hainan Charity Federation.
    The Second Sino-Ocean Students-in-action Incentive Scheme was successfully organized.
  • June

    June 5 – “Old Community New Green” was invited by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to attend the publicity event of the Regulation on the Administration of the Recovery and Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products.
    Sponsorship fund totalling RMB105,000 for the second term of 18 schools in Sichuan supported by the Foundation was delivered.
    Built the largest protective housing project in East Beijing, Ocean Runyuan.
    Built the Beijing Call Center Industrial Base commissioned by the Miyun County government in Beijing.
  • July

    July 19-26 – “Children on Horseback Going to World Expo” commenced in Beijing and Shanghai.
    July 21 – “Linking World Expo and Beijing” was held at the Fangcaodi International School, Ocean Great Harmony (Beijing).
  • August

    August 1 – “Old Community New Green” was invited to be keynote speaker at the “Third Forum on Education for Sustainable Development in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau”.
    August 1 – “Zero Movements” Daxing community environmental reform project was completed.
    Mr. Cai Wang, Secretary of Youth League Committee of Nangqian County, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu, Qinghai Province, was invited to visit the Foundation.
    Built the first rental housing project in Beijing warranted by government’s policy.
  • September

    September 3 –The “Home-Grown Plants Competition” kicked off smoothly.
    September 6 – The Foundation officially launched the “The Red Vests” programs offering relief to children in Yushu, an area destroyed by earthquake.
    September 10 – The “Best Teacher Awards” was presented at the Beijing Jingshan School Sino-Ocean Branch.
    September 29 – The Fifth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition in the Tianjin Region was launched.
  • October

    October 15 - Center for Environmental Education and Communications / MEP of China (CEEC), the EDF and the Foundation jointly organized the “Cool China –Nationwide Low Carbon” event in Zhejiang.
    October 23 – Ocean Great Harmony’s “zero discard” campaign was launched.
    October 27 – The Fifth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition in the North-eastern Region was launched.
    “Sino-Ocean Club Health Season” was rolled out in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Zhongshan and Hangzhou.
    Donated RMB200,000 to the Beijing Ladies Tennis Association.
    Working with gongyi.sina.com.cn and tuan.sina.com.cn the Foundation raised fund to buy 4,000 red vests for children in earthquake-stricken areas.
    Built a data center for the Agriculture Bank of China.
  • November

    November 7-8 – The Foundation was invited to speak at the “Cool China 2009-2010 Nationwide Low Carbon” pilot projects summary and award presentation.
    November 9 – Successfully organized the Second Sino-Ocean Students-in-action Incentive Scheme.
    The Foundation launched an education sponsorship program in two primary schools in Pingba Town of Wenshan Xian, Yunnan.
    November 10-15 – The Foundation’s volunteers visited Yunnan and donated two water tanks to two primary schools in Pingba Town of Wenshan.
    November 13 – Launched the Shihe Primary Demonstration Classes in Tumubao, Huailai.
  • December

    Donated RMB2 million to the Beijing Opera Artists’ Club to preserve and develop the art of Beijing opera.
  • January

    “The Red Vests”” collected 7,585 red jackets for 11 schools in the earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan.
  • February

    February 9 – Sino-Ocean took part in the Zhongshan charity walk.
    February 28 – Ocean City Zhongshan was awarded the “2009 Best Community in Zhongshan City Center” and the “2009 Most Anticipated Education Community”.
    Set up libraries in 30 schools in Sichuan.
  • March

    Ocean Worldview (Dalian) organized an ecology tour.
    March 15 – Award Ceremony of the Third Innovative Environmental Protection Competition.
    March 19 – The 2009 “Old Community, New Green” campaign was officially launched.
  • April

    April 11 – “Old Community, New Green” was launched in Tianjin for the first time.
    April 14 – Mr Li Ming, Honorary Chairman of the Foundation commended the good work of the front-line rescue and rebuilding team of the Shifang City Project in the earthquake-stricken areas supported by Beijing and donated duty vehicles worth more than RMB800,000.
    Donated RMB150,000 to the Guangdong Fire Services Foundation.
    April 19 – Ocean Seasons (Dalian) organized tree planting in its community.
    April 22 – “Old Community, New Green”, the Center for CEEC and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) jointly launched the “Cool China – 2009 Nationwide Low Carbon Campaign” in Beijing.
  • May

    May 9 – “Old Community New Green” was launched in Shenyang.
    May 10 – “5.12” memorial fund-raising urged everyone to give a yuan to support and educate children in impoverished areas.
    End of May – The “Best Teacher Awards” was set up and announced.
  • June

    Organized a reading and writing event.
    Activities to garner support for children in disaster-stricken areas were organized at Ocean Express (Beijing)
  • July

    July 9 –Center for Environmental Education and Communications / MEP of China CEEC, EDF , and “Old Community, New Green” jointly launched a seminar in Shenyang on nationwide emission reduction and energy saving.
    July 19 – “Old Community, New Green” third anniversary volunteers’ events took place in Beijing.
  • August

    August 12 – The official handover of Fangcaodi International School to Ocean Great Harmony (Beijing) took place.
  • September

    September 1 – The first commencement ceremony of the Fangcaodi International School Ocean Great Harmony (Beijing) took place.
    September 16 – Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of the first “Old Community, New Green” community improvement project in Tianjin.
    The Foundation presented the “Best Teacher Awards” to the Beijing Jingshan School Ocean Landscape Branch and the Fangcaodi International School Ocean Paradise (Beijing) Branch.
    September 10 – The Ground-breaking Ceremony of the Tang-gu Experimental School Ocean City (Tianjin) campus was held.
    Organized the “Summit on World Culture and Art” in Hangzhou.
  • October

    October 17 – The Foundation’s “Fifth Capital Senior High Schools’ Environmental Week” and the Fourth Innovative Environmental Protection Competition launching ceremony.
    October 31 –“Sustainable Educational Charity Efforts” was launched at the Hebei Huailai Shihe Primary School.
  • November

    November 6-11 – “Old Community, New Green” was invited to be keynote speaker at the “Second Forum on Education for Sustainable Development in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau” held in Taiwan.
    November 28 – Closing of the “2009 Tianjin Sino-Ocean Land’s First Owners’ Sports Events”.
    November 28 – Organized the first Sino-Ocean Students-in-action Incentive Scheme with success.
  • December

    By December “Old Community, New Green” concluded a fruitful year having altogether improved the environment in 100 communities and schools.
    Was title sponsor of the Canal Business Center (Hangzhou) Gala.
    The Sino-Ocean 2010 Vienna Spring Concert was held at the Liaoning Opera House.
  • January

    Donated to the areas hit by snow storms in southern China.
  • February

  • March

  • April

    Ocean Landscape (Beijing) launched the “World’s Earth Day” signature campaign.
    April 12-19 – The “2008 Sino-Ocean Walks with You” green movement was rolled out.
    April 27 – The “Green Olympics” events jointly organized by “Old Community, New Green” and the Beijing Municipal Committee were launched.
  • May

    May 16 – Ocean Landscape (Beijing) collected RMB13,570 in cash donations and clothing for people struck by disasters.
    May 30 – Donated RMB300,000 to the Sino-Ocean Jingshan School education fund.
    Ocean Landscape (Beijing) started the “Clean the Landscape” voluntary activities.
    Donated RMB5 million to the “5.12” earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan.
  • June

    June 26 – “Old Community New Green” volunteers rode bicycles to advocate for a “Green Olympics”.
  • July

    July 12 – POETRY OF RIVER (Beijing) launched the “Go to Work on Bicycles” campaign.
    July 13 – The Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation’s preparatory team went to the earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan to find out people’s real needs.
    Organized activities for children in the Ocean Landscape (Beijing) community.
  • August

    Applied to register the Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation officially and organize body of volunteers.
    End of August – Officially launched the “Hand on Heart 3+1” education sponsorship scheme for children in the earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan.
  • September

    The OCEAN-FAMILY badminton and table-tennis tournaments took place in the various Sino-Ocean communities.
    September 10 – “Old Community, New Green” organized green sports events for disabled people in Nanluoguxiang.
    September 26 – The “Hand on Heart” sponsorship scheme commencement ceremony was held in Guangyuan, Sichuan. The library project was also launched.
    Ocean Great Harmony (Beijing) celebrated joint-venture with the Fangcaodi International School.
  • October

    October 10 – Mr Li Ming, CEO of Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Ltd and Vice President Mr Chen Lei officiated the plaque-hanging ceremony at the Fangcaodi International School Sino-Ocean Primary School.
    October 19 – The Third Innovative Environmental Protection Competition was announced.
  • November

    Signed an agreement with No. 11 School in Beijing to run a school.
    November 19 – To work with the Education Bureau of Tang-gu in Tianjin to build high quality education facilities.
    November 28 – “The Red Vests. Warming Care to the West” were collected from 180 schools in the Chaoyang District for children in earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan.
  • December

    By December “Old Community, New Green” concluded a fruitful year having altogether improved the environment in 68 communities and schools.
  • 1999

    Funded 500 “mu”s of forests in Huailai, Hebei in response to the call to “protect Mother River – Project Green Hope”.
    Organized the “Peace Doves and Green Angels” event at the Modern Plaza in Beijing.
    Donated teaching materials to impoverished areas in Huailai, Hebei.
  • 2000

    Organized “Project Green Hope” tree planting in Huailai, Hebei.
    In the community planning of Ocean Prospect, it actively interacted with environmental reform with 40m concession of the original land, therefore optimized the environment of the region.
    Receded 50 m from the red line of the land plot in the planning of Ocean Paradise (Beijing) for the 4th Ring green belt in support of Beijing’s application for the 2008 Olympics.
    Took the initiative to recede from the red line of the land plot in the planning of Ocean International Center (Beijing) and Ocean Prospect (Beijing) for green zones in the city.
  • 2001

    Continued tree planting and funded training as part of the “Protect Mother River” program.
    Funded the building of an outdoor sports arena for the Primary School of Renmin University in Beijing.
    Invested in building Beijing’s first arts center for public interest, the “Sino-Ocean Arts Center”, and organized a large number of art-based activities in the three years after its opening.
    Sponsored the cultural show “Welcoming the New Year” presented by the College of Architecture at Tsinghua University.
  • 2002

    Sponsored and organized a trip for an erudite group to visit the Duolun County in Inner Mongolia for desertification control.
    Adopted the COSCO Real Estate Forest in Miyun, Beijing.
    Started the annual sponsorship of the COSCO Real Estate Cup football tournament for primary students in Beijing.
  • 2003

    Strived for green areas in the Beijing International Sculpture Park.
    Opened the Fangcaodi Primary School Sino-Ocean Branch.
    Sponsored Tsinghua University students’ 6th Drama Festival COSCO Real Estate Cup.
    Donated RMB100,000 to frontline medical staff fighting SARS.
    Built the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall as commissioned by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning.
  • 2004

    Signed an agreement to work with the China Biodiversity Protection Foundation.
    Organized the “Happy Children’s Day” event.
    Organized the concert by the Danish National Girls’ Choir.
    Sponsored Jacky Cheung’s musical “Snow Wolf Lake”.
    Title sponsor of COSCO Real Estate’s New Year concert “Zhou and Li” in Beijing.
    Sponsored the COSCO Real Estate Cup volley ball tournament for all secondary students nationwide.
    Organized a bicycle rally to welcome the Olympic Games.
    Rolled out the “Month of Good Health” in the Ocean Paradise community.
    Provided a hefty amount of fund to acquire 162 “mu”s for green areas in the Beijing International Sculpture Park
    Sino Ocean, as the construction agent of Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, displays the achievements of the planning construction in Beijing.
  • 2005

    Ocean Landscape (Beijing) organized some of the owners to plant trees.
    Staged a photo exhibition of Beijing reflecting on the history and changes of the capital.
    Ocean Landscape (Beijing) offered a talk on interior decoration to promote a home deco culture.
    Organized a concert by the Royal Danish Children’s Choir.
    Organized a large-scale concert for the owners of Ocean Landscape (Beijing)
    In conjunction with the Beijing Golf Association and the Beijing Charity Association started fund-raising at the COSCO Real Estate Cup golf tournament in aid of operations for children with congenital heart deformity from impoverished families.
    At COSCO Real Estate’s “Gratitude to Beijing” event, the Company donated RMB5 from every RMB10,000 of sales to the China Charity Federation.
    Together with COSCO donated a total of over RMB10 million to the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.
    Title sponsor of Beijing Evening News COSCO Real Estate Cup golf tournament.
    Ocean Seasons (Dalian) organized table-tennis and badminton tournaments for residents.
    Ocean Landscape (Beijing) organized the first sports day for owners.
  • 2006

    Launched the “Old Community, New Green” eco-friendly charity campaign and rehabilitated over 10 old communities.
    Published a set of 5 Environmental Protection Handbooks for free distribution to 2,500 communities in Beijing.
    Ocean Express (Tianjin) launched a tree planting campaign in spring and a tree adoption campaign.
    Ocean Landscape (Beijing) launched a sapling adoption campaign.
    Organized the “Gratitude to Beijing” series of activities.
    Organized the first Innovative Environmental Protection Competition.
    Ocean Landscape (Beijing) organized a large-scale brisk walking exercise to welcome the Olympics.
    Commissioned by the Zhongshan Municipal Government, built the China (Zhongshan) Light Industries Expo Center.
  • 2007

    Sino-Ocean employees had been planting trees in the suburbs of Beijing for 10 consecutive years since 1998.
    Ocean Paradise (Shenyang) organized owners to plant trees.
    Continued to roll out the “Old Community, New Green” campaign, set up the Sino-Ocean Green Fund involving over 100 communities and rehabilitated 30.
    The north 4th ring green belt built by Sino-Ocean Land was completed.
    Organized the Second Innovative Environmental Protection Competition The Jingshan School Sino-Ocean Branch was completed and opened.
    Donated RMB5 million to the Zhongshan Teachers’ Health Fund.
    Fengtai Primary School Sino-Ocean Branch was completed.
    “Old Community, New Green” mobilized owners and Company employees to donate books.
    Donated HK$1 million to the Hong Kong Community Chest.
    Organized large scale badminton tournaments in the Sino-Ocean communities.
    Organized the Sino-Ocean Cup football tournament.

    Sponsored the World Cup Ladies Weichi Championship.
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 1999-2007