Sino-Ocean Group’s corporate social responsibility (“CSR”)

Sino-Ocean Group’s corporate social responsibility (“CSR”)

Positioning ‘a reliable partner’ as the core value of the Sino-Ocean brand, we are committed to creating enjoyable living for stakeholders as a ‘life-long companion that grows with you’.
Sino-Ocean Group has always adhered to the principles of holistic and healthy development, solid and risk-resistant management, law-abiding, tax-paying and creating job opportunities. We place special emphasis on going green – from land acquisition, design development, construction to operation, we are constantly trying to perfect our ‘green construction’ and sustainable development with our partners. We also take our CSR seriously and are involved in various public and charitable services. We work diligently to maintain a balance among economic benefits, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Sino-Ocean’s relationship with all stakeholders is a “life-long companionship for mutual growth”.

This is our payback to stakeholders and also our highly condensed CSR philosophy.
"Mutual" indicates that Sino-Ocean Group shares the same interest with all stakeholders and is a reliable partner in business.
“Growth” speaks of our vision for the future, embracing a determination to go forward – the core value of partnership.
“Companionship” represents our attitude and how we work – we are there for you when you need us.
“Life-long” simply means an infinite period, the highest form of commitment to the partnership.

Create new values for shareholders

We abide by the listing rules, operate legally and develop steadily to maximize shareholders’ returns. We also disclose all relevant information in a timely manner, reporting accurately the Company’s operating situation and importing events; we organize investor relations activities and communicate regularly with stakeholders.
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A life-long companion for customers

Determined to be ‘customers experts’, we offer products and services of superior quality. Through the many channels of communication to understand our customers, we address their needs in our product development. Using the ‘Sino-Ocean Club’ as a platform, we provide a pleasurable living experience and through surveys of customers’ satisfaction improve our products and services.

Growing with our staff

We care for our staff comprehensively: we protect their statutory rights and abide by the relevant rules and regulations; we offer fair and competitive remunerations and benefits; we manage in a democratic; we look after their health and do our best to ensure a safe and healthy working environment; we also encourage our staff to grow and develop themselves by means of a sound career path.

Collaborating with suppliers and contractors

We collaborate with suppliers and contractors to discharge our CSR through qualification checks, stringent selection process, contract terms and assessment on procedures and contract fulfillment.

Law abiding

We support the State’s macro-economic policies, abide by the law, pay our taxes as due; practice the State’s public housing policy by building public housing and public rental housing that satisfy the public’s needs. We uphold stringent safety standards to avoid major incidents and ensure that all the State’s requirements are met.

Participating in public services and charities

We are keen to ensure that our enterprise is not expanding at the expense of the surrounding communities. We engage local talents wherever possible; we care about the subsistence and education of children in remote areas; we encourage our staff, university students and the general public to get involved in public services and voluntary work; we have in place a mechanism for humanitarian relief in emergency situations.
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Protecting the environment

We adopt new environmentally friendly technology in our construction wherever possible to reduce carbon emission and pollution. We regenerate old communities and promote green ways in our daily operation.
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