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Zhongshan | Ocean City (Zhongshan)

Ocean City (Zhongshan) is situated at the heart of the eastern part of the city, flanked by three open parks. It is next to the China (Zhongshan) Light Industry Expo Center, the public infrastructure project that tops all previous projects in Zhongshan in terms of investment, capacity and technology. Rich in vegetation and natural scenery, it is an auspicious plot of land in urban Zhongshan. The project is built on over 1,000 mu (1 mu is equivalent to 0.0667 hectares) of land yielding a GFA of 1,982,000 sqm. Adopting a “neo-classical” theme the community blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings. There will be 170,000 sqm of commercial facilities including large scale shopping centers, and well-appointed international schools and kindergartens, a pedestrian precinct, a high-class hotel and offices, making it a high end business community integrating nature, leisure, business and dwelling.

Building address : Zhongshan
Tel. : 0760-88268888
Plot ratio : 1.48
Green ratio : 35.00%
Management fee : 2.30 - 3.50 yuan/square meter/month
Property company : Zhongshan Sino-Ocean Property Service Co., Ltd
Developer : Sino-Ocean Land (Zhongshan) Development Co., Ltd
Covered area : 2082000square meter

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