People are our assets


Sino-Ocean Land boasts a management team with very extensive experience in the real estate industry and international vision as well as a very knowledgeable and skilled working team. Currently there are 380 employees with an average age of 35, of which 100 of the core management staff have 12 years’ experience in the industry and been working in our Company for more than 8 years on average. With some 35% holding post-grad degrees, their fields of expertise straddle investment, finance, management, legal, construction engineering, real estate and other related fields.

Sino-Ocean Land believes in the principles of ‘equality, cooperation and mutual gains’. We put people with different professional qualifications and skill sets to work together and encourage bonding. We advocate simple and sincere personal relationships. We respect each employee’s personality and wishes, giving everyone equal opportunity to develop. We offer career paths that best suit their personality, enabling them to grow with the Company.