Our brand


Brand positioning:Value realization

Brand traits:professional, convincing, co-improvement and value focusing

Brand commitment:

Sino-Ocean pays much attention to the value and is confident in and capable of creating value. It pursues the perfection with professional spirit, and judges value with unique insight, and creates value with experience and strength, committing to maximize the current and future value for the stakeholders with quality product, service and experience. Sino-Ocean is dedicated to providing the clients with high-value and unquestionable product and service. It will win respect and recognition with perfect quality and professional ability, and drive the active transition of people and society.

Brand positioning:Client Experts

Brand traits:Quality, health, focus, sharing life

Tagline:Healthy living

Ocean real estate is an expert in healthy living, committed to health products and services, to create a healthy life for their homes

Brand commitment:

Sino-Ocean Real Estate is committed to the making of homes for healthy life through the provision of health-friendly products and services in line with its brand mission of delivering “Homes for Health Life”. Sino-Ocean Real Estate is highly concerned with customers’ needs and committed to becoming a customer expert that enhances product quality with a professional attitude by offering residential products with impeccable quality and conveying Sino-Ocean Real Estate understanding of the interaction between people and living in different times through these products. Through a range of specialized products and services, Sino-Ocean Real Estate answers the needs of people and ring in changes to their living by customizing according to different places and times, to the ends that both the value of Sino-Ocean products and the value of customers’ living can be realized.

Brand positioning:Lifting value

Brand traits:Insight, vitality, combination, illuminating the city

Brand commitment:

The vibrant products and services of Sino-Ocean Commercial Property appeal to people at different stages of life through a shared understanding of contemporary times and make a positive impact on districts and cities. These products and services are constantly underpinned by prospective thinking that resonates with people’s longing for the future, providing the driving force for districts and cities to develop and advance. Ever advancing and progressing, Sino-Ocean Commercial Property seeks to contribute to the development and prosperity of districts and cities as it continues to add value through its incessant strength.

Brand positioning:Creating joint force

Brand traits:People-oriented, life-long care and company, innovating joint force

Tagline:Understand the mind, new ideas

Interpretation: Ocean Service integrated, comprehensive, efficient, not only to provide caring for people, satisfactory service, with new means, new platform, customers are connected to the ocean side, the resources are connected to the client side, to create new value.

Brand commitment:

The brand philosophy of Sino-Ocean Service seeks to be “attentive and creative”, as it endeavours not just to provide bespoke services, but also to add value by bringing customers to Sino-Ocean and resources to customers with innovative means and platforms. In addition to providing standardized services, Sino-Ocean Service also places a strong emphasis on enhancing personal and tailor-made services with innovative mindsets and methods. Through our products and services, we seek to create connections and add value among people and between people and their environment with its broad resources. Sino-Ocean Service boasts profound understanding of customers’ requirements and assures that people will get what they want, as we endeavours to offer the experience of attentive, bespoke services.

Brand positioning:Industrial operation and capital as dual drivers

Brand traits:Unique insight, convincing, co-improvement and value creating

Brand commitment:

Sino-Ocean Capital is engaged in professional operations that enhance the liquidity of industrial assets, converting and increasing the value of these assets to maximize capital value while assisting the companies concerned to seek progress. Sino-Ocean Capital’s profound understanding of industrial assets and proven experience have enabled it to make sound judgements and fruitful investments. Its financial operations are underpinned by unique insights and superior credit rating, while its strengths and experiences have contributed to its skills being put to practice in the capital markets.

Brand positioning:Perfect and professional

Brand traits:Efficient, reliable, focusing and careful

Brand commitment:

Sino-Ocean Construction assures delivery of products that meet customers’ expectations on the back of its supreme and constantly improving technologies and expertise, as well as its profound understanding of customers’ needs. Its rigid in-house discipline assures that products are delivered with quality and efficiency. Its knowledge in project financials and vigorous cost control assures maximum value for users. In short, Sino-Ocean Construction maximizes the value of its products by constantly upgrading its skills and expertise with an unwavering commitment to its mission.