Our brand


Enlightening customers with the concept of better living is the core value of the Sino-Ocean brand. We study our customers’ living and spending behavior extensively with a view to providing services that best satisfy their needs and enrich their lives.

Brand positioning: a reliable partner

Determined in our efforts to help make people’s dreams come true, Sino-Ocean Group has an edge that no one else does.

Positioning ourselves as ‘customer experts’, Sino-Ocean Group people are an essential channel to convey our brand value.

Brand commitment

Offering outstanding services, Sino-Ocean Group helps those seeking better living fulfill their dreams.

Brand attributes: value, care and partnership


Everything that Sino-Ocean Group does for customers is for the enhancement of their living experience. We bring economic value by offering value-for-money products; and emotional value by helping people achieve their quest for better living.


Sino-Ocean Group treats customers as objects of its services and attention for a life time.

We come up with innovative products and services to satisfy people’s desire for better living. Always bearing in mind to be ‘customer experts’ we create maximum customer satisfaction.


Relationship between Sino-Ocean Group and stakeholders is built on equality, mutual benefit and an open partnership.

Our stakeholders include: investors, customers, co-operating companies employees and society at large.

Core value of brand

Life-long companionship for mutual growth

"Mutual" indicates that Sino-Ocean Group shares the same interest with all stakeholders and is a reliable partner in business. ‘Growth’ speaks of our vision for the future, embracing a determination to go forward – the core value of partnership. ‘Companionship’ represents our attitude and how we work – we are there for you when you need us. ‘Life-long’ simply means an infinite period, the highest form of commitment to the partnership.

“Life-long companionship for mutual growth” demonstrates Sino-Ocean Group’s liberal attitude in a brand new development stage, a solemn commitment to partners. This outlook not only offers respect, trust, tolerance, development, training and care for our staff, it also promises high quality products and services, active involvement in community work and developing with co-operating companies for mutual gains. These will culminate in a true partnership of society, the industry, co-operating companies, customers and staff in creating a better future.