On the basis of extraordinary real estate industrial strengths, Sino-Ocean Group is an investment and financing group with leading industrial investment capability.

Sino-Ocean Group Holding Limited (“Sino-Ocean Group”) was founded in 1993 and has been listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) on 28 September 2007 (stock code: 03377). As at 31 December 2016, Sino-Ocean Group had a total issued number of shares of approximately 7,500 million, whose major shareholders include China Life Insurance Company Limited (02628.HK) and Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd.

The Company is mainly engaged in the development of mid to high-end residential properties, premium office buildings…

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Our goal

to become China’s leading real estate finance and property development and operation enterprise

Sino-Ocean Group will remain true to its commitment to investors and follow through the Company’s development strategy by capturing opportunities in the long-term and rapid development of the real estate market. Adopting a proactive expansion strategy…

Mr LI Ming, CEO

CEO’s Statement

Life-long companionship for mutual growth

Sino-Ocean Group originated from Cosco. The name implies the vastness and depth of the ocean and its people’s determination to succeed and resilience to adversity.

In a span of merely 20 years Sino-Ocean Group’s real estate business was founded and, having determined its course of development, has flourished to become a Hong Kong-listed enterprise worth over 100 billion dollars. This is entirely attributable to China’s rising as an economic power. Sino-Ocean Group has witnessed with deep affection China’s swift economic progress, the reform of the state-owned enterprises, the further opening of the capital market and the thriving of the real estate industry.

We at Sino-Ocean Group would not for a moment be complacent but to take our responsibilities seriously. We are united in committing to repay our customers, investors, employees, business partners and even the general public’s expectations.

We still aspire to constructing “tens of thousands of grand buildings”. Positioning ourselves as “customers experts” we aim to repay our customers by understanding their real needs and offering only the best products and services to enable them to build a happy home. In appreciation of investors’ trust, we endeavor to seek innovative strategies and scientific management models for maximum shareholders’ return and sustainable growth. We value employees’ and business partners’ expectations. People-oriented, our professional working teams create the greatest values for all concerned in our pursuit of a common ideal.

Our ability to change and execute has brought remarkable growth for the Company in the past. Looking into the future, we will adhere to our established goal of becoming “China’s leading real estate developer and investor”. We will maintain the vitality of the industry by staying agile and proactive and we hope to contribute in a small way to China’s economic progress and the healthy growth of the industry.

Sino-Ocean people firmly believe that we can find more opportunities and possibilities in the progress of both the country and the industry and that we will be rewarded for our dedication and diligence in the form of business growth. We look forward to taking on a new era of passion with customers, investors, employees and business partners.

Life-long companionship for mutual growth.